9 Perennial Flowers To Plant In Fall

In a recent post I wrote about why planting in fall is a good idea and quoting several reasons to back this up. One reason not mentioned in the previous article was that by buying blooming perennials in the fall you have the double benefit of autumnal flowers as well as a second flowering in the following spring and summer. The nine perennial flowers you can plant now are described in an article by Sierra Bright which I found on the Natural Living Ideas website.

Planting perennials in the fall is a simple way to enjoy a larger, more stunning garden next spring. While you?re probably more accustomed to planting in spring, autumn is another ideal time for getting perennials established in your garden.
To get the biggest bang for your efforts, choose and plant hardy, long-lived spring-blooming perennials, and you?ll get a great head start and something to look forward to for years without the annual fuss of replanting.

9 Best Fall Perennials:

1. Goldenrod

9 Best Fall Perennials
Fall can be made even lovelier with the bright, cheery yellow flowers of goldenrod. It?s a tough, gorgeous plant that looks great despite summer heat and drought, and it isn?t typically a source of allergies ? that?s actually a common misconception.
While many people, particularly allergy-sufferers, tend to avoid goldenrod with the thought that it worsens hay fever symptoms, that?s just a myth, as ragweed is the culprit, not this flower, and it?s ideal for fall planting. It?s one of the last flowers to bloom in the fall, and most varieties grow nice and tall, making them ideal for a border, and they won?t take over your entire garden.

2. Japanese anemones

These flowers are standards in most billowing perennial borders. They start to bloom in late summer and go all the way through frost. They also bring a refined look to an autumn landscape, with the delicate flowers bursting open atop the willowy stems of the plant, while the pink and white blossoms illuminate a shady garden, particularly around sunset, with the warm light touching the branches of nearby trees. While Japanese anemones take several years to become established, once they do, they require very little maintenance. As the petals fall to the ground, they leave behind a seed head, and newly opened blossoms mingle among them, putting on a gorgeous display which generally lasts for several weeks.

3. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, or mums as they?re often called, are the quintessential representation of fall, well, mums and pumpkins anyway. There is a wide range of varieties of the plant, and they aren?t as expensive as many perennials either, so they can be a great option for those on a tight budget. If you?re an impulse buyer, you?ll probably see pots of colorful mums this fall and not be able to resist. Many are purchased only for a brief burst of color in September and October to announce the coming of the new season, but with the right care, your perennial mum can provide fall color year after year. The key is to get them into the ground as soon as you can and keep them watered well. Once the ground freezes, add mulch, and you?ll have the best chance for hardy, thriving mums. To avoid wilting, check the soil every day. If it?s dry, water thoroughly. Depending on the weather, they may require a daily drink.

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