9 Flowers That Announce the Arrival of Spring

Snowdrops are usually the first followed shortly after by the crocus. These are the two flowers that tell you that spring is just around the corner. Soon the daffodils will unfold their petals and then we will have the full glory of the spring flowering bulbs. This article by Lauren Dunec Hoang which I found on the Houzz website will tell you what to look out for on your neighborhood.

As we inch toward warmer weather and longer days, there?s nothing quite like spotting an early-flowering daffodil or a clump of tiny, hopeful crocuses to remind us that spring really is just around the corner. Early bloomers make great additions to gardens since they provide color when most of the landscape looks pretty bleak.
While some of these cold-tolerant flowers bloom throughout winter in mild climates, most of the following nine blooms are just beginning to open in gardens. Witness these blooms growing in gardens around your neighborhood and community now, noting any you?d like to plant in your garden this spring or, in the case of bulbs, next fall.
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