8 Showy Climbers for Summer Color But..

These eight flowering vines will produce colorful blooms all summer long and so make a great addition to your garden. However before planting any of these it is wise to check how they are suited to your location since two in particular can be rather too enthusiastic to the extent that they become invasive. All eight vines are described by Lauren Dunec Hoang in her article which I found on the Houzz website.

Planting a flowering vine for summer can be a great way to attract pollinators, boost curb appeal with a cascade of flowers or cast some shade over an outdoor seating area. Here are eight summer-flowering varieties to keep an eye out for. Each one packs a punch with continuous flowers all season.
For most climates (excluding hot desert areas), spring through early summer is the perfect time to plant. At the nursery, look for healthy, vigorous vines that are just beginning to bud.
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