In a recent post I talked about ten common houseplants that are toxic for children and animals and so are best avoided by parents of young children or pet owners. So if ten common houseplants are off limits, what plants can be regarded as safe? Well it turns out that there are plenty, but this article by Jayme Kinsey which I found on the Dengarden website describes eight and then lists several others as well.

Houseplants Should Be Chosen With Care

Any plant can be dangerous when it is brought indoors, where it can be accessed by children or pets. Even plants that are considered non-toxic have the potential to cause reactions in certain individuals.
A plant that isn’t necessarily dangerous to eat might still cause a skin reaction in a child or pet with a sensitivity. However, the health benefits of having houseplants far outweighs the risks, as long as you choose your plants with care and establish a few household rules regarding the foliage. Plants can:
  • Purify the air
  • Provide oxygen
  • Enhance your d?cor

In another article, I listed 10 plants that are toxic to both children and pets. Some readers and friends contacted me about a list of safe plants to use instead. Here are some safer alternatives, that can still provide you with lovely, living d?cor.

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