Garden decor comes in all shapes and sizes, but all are intended to add a special interest to the garden. While there are plenty of attractive items you can buy at the garden center it is often more personal and fun to create something yourself. And what better material to use than stone which you may well have in the garden? These eight ideas come from an article by Kathy Woodard which I found on The Garden Glove website.

I love stone! Just do. So many of you loved our post ?Got Stones?? that we are doing a follow up with more great ideas for easy projects with stones and rocks. All of these are beginner projects, are simple, inexpensive, and creative?and best of all, you may have the stones right in your back yard!
Stick and Stones
Use bundles of branches or sticks to create a garden post, then top with decorative rocks from your garden. Love this!
projects with stones
A gabion is a box or container made of wire mesh or fencing, and filled with a material for stability. In this case, wire mesh is used to create a tall box, filled with rock, then used as a decorative column. You can create tables, benches, even retaining walls with this method. Its a trendy and modern way to re-purpose in the garden, and its so creative!
garden projects stones
Spiral Garden
Use rocks and your fav plants to create a spiral garden.
garden projects stones rocks

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