If you are planning to start a garden for the first time it can be hard to know where to begin. Seed catalogs are full of pictures of perfect vegetables and it is all too easy to get carried away and order far too many packets. In fact probably the biggest mistake a beginner can make is to try too many things at once. So this article by Rebecca Cuttler which I found on the Houzz website should help to solve this problem by concentrating on just eight easy-to-grow plants.

For gardeners, poring over the pages of a seed catalog can be a feast for the eyes. Whether it?s heirloom crookneck squash or ?Green Zebra? tomatoes, the seed varieties available to home gardeners rival any farmers market. Similarly, going to a nursery and seeing row upon row of baby tomato, lettuce and kale plants can make it hard to decide where to start. What?s a backyard food grower to do?
By growing a small selection of carefully chosen crops, you will give yourself the best opportunity for success. If you?re new to gardening, it?s better to grow just five types of vegetables rather than 15. Over time, you?ll learn which crops and varieties work best for your microclimate, taste and lifestyle.
Here are some of the best vegetables and herbs for urban gardeners of all types, including beginners. In addition to being easy to grow and productive, many of these crops are well-suited to growing in small spaces.
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