73 Ways To Create An Amazing Garden Pond

A pond is a pond. Well no, not at all. It could be a Watery Window or a Modern Marvel or even a Pave Perfect. And that’s just for a start. How about a Puddle Drop, a Symmetrical Center, a Waterscape or an Upcycled Hot Tub. These are just a few of the ways Danielle McLeod describes the pond designs in her article which I found on the Backyard Boss website.

Nothing brightens up a yard and provides interest quite like water features. Not only do you add an entirely new, and diverse, ecosystem of plants with the creation of garden ponds, but you also invite an relaxing atmosphere into your outdoor living space. Ponds also give an illusion of depth to an otherwise spatially challenged area, and provide a draw for beneficial pollinators and birds to your yard.
There are a large variety of pond styles, sizes, and shapes to choose from. And it isn?t hard to find one that fits into your budget, whether you have a professional landscaper complete the job, or you turn it into a weekend do-it-yourselfer project. Ponds are often overlooked in landscape design planning as an unnecessary feature that only creates additional work and effort. But actually, ponds require very little maintenance after their initial installation, especially if you are incorporating specific varieties of plants that help to naturally filter water, and fish that help to keep the water clear of algae.

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