7 Unusual Uses For a Birdcage

7 Unusual Uses For a Birdcage

Growing flowers in planters has always been popular and with good reason. Container gardening gives you great flexability in the way you display your plants. As one flower fades you can rearrange your containers to ensure that your best plants are always in the most prominent position. As to the planters themselves there seems to be no end to the articles that can be used for this purpose. In this case it is birdcages which are described in this article that I came across on the Garden Lovers Club website.

People have come up with all kinds of new and creative ways to plant flowers in their gardens. Whether you are using conventional planters, DIY crafted planters, or unique recycled planters, the most important thing is that you are planting something, and enjoying it as it grows!

Take a look at these seven different examples of birdcage planters that we have gathered! Many of them utilize succulents as the plants inside, but don?t feel that your design has to be limited to that! Plants that hang and vibrant flowers are always great for these kinds of planters as well.

1. Faux Succulents Birdcage

Image by:?Organized Clutter

This bird cage is made of thick metal bars, spread far apart from each other. The top of the cage opens up and allows for you to access the faux plants inside. The designer simply purchased her materials at a drug store gift department. We aren?t sure which drug stores she has been shopping at, but we?re sure that you can find similar materials at a craft store or grocery store around you!

2. Jeanie?s Cage Planter


Image by:?Flea Market Gardening

This design uses an actual birdcage built to house a feathered friend. If you used to have birds and have yet to get rid of the cage, consider implementing this design! Since the cage itself is so spacious, you can actually just use an already potted plant and place it inside. As you can see in other images of her blog, the designer has wrapped a burlap sack around the planter inside the cage, to give it more aesthetic appeal.

3. How to Make a Succulent Birdcage Wreath


Image by: Thrifty Artsy Girl

This large bird cage is similar to the first image, in that it opens up from the top. The back side of the cage is flat, so that you can hang it on your front door or against a wall as a wreath. The designer of this birdcage planter put a lot of effort into its creation, and with her instruction, you too can have an impressive birdcage planter to hang in your garden or on your front porch! Visit Thrifty Artsy Girl?to see all her tips and tricks for the planter making process.

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