We all have our favorite flowers, but deciding how they should be planted to create a harmonious display is not always easy. Finding a winning plant combination can be a problem, but these seven design ideas may point you in the right direction. I found these tips in an article by Elleen Kelly over on the Houzz website.

Deciding which companion plants to select for a grouping often comes down to personal taste and preferences, but knowing a few design principles will help ensure a successful design and plants that thrive together.
First, it is important to choose companion plants that have the same light, water and soil needs. Make sure the plants will thrive in your climate zone and site conditions. Then you can move on to blending plant characteristics, including plant shape, size, texture and color. By combining plants that are similar in one or more of these categories and different in others, you?ll be on your way to achieving a winning plant combination.
Here are a few combinations that appeal to my plant design aesthetic. I use many of these plants and combinations in the landscapes I design in Northern California, but they will grow outside of California. I?ve included some of my favorites, and I chose plants that have low water needs and thrive in full to partial sun.

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