7 Reasons To Forget The Fall Garden Clean Up

Conventional wisdom tells us that in fall when our perennial flowers have finished blooming we should cut them back to tidy up our borders. There is an alternative point of view which maintains that we should ignore this advice and on the contrary we should leave everything standing throughout the winter. This article by Benjamin Vogt which I found on the Houzz website lists seven reasons why we should adopt the latter course.

My belief in leaving the garden alone in fall was cemented last year on a December morning, when a robin landed on a garden chest where I keep my tools. It balanced on the edge where some snow was melting and dripping to the deck below. The robin arched its head downward and pecked at each droplet. Soon a bluebird landed right behind the robin on the edge of the chest. Then another bluebird. All three were now lined up, ready to take their turn at the melting snow. I have little doubt that if I hadn?t left the garden up, creating a welcoming space, I?d never have seen them. And I have little doubt that winter wouldn?t have meant so much, or been easier to get through, without the living beauty outside my door in a ?dead? season so many of us gardeners unnecessarily loathe. Here are seven of the many reasons to leave your fall garden standing.
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