Maybe the headline is rather over optimistic, but the seven plants described in the article below will certainly help people who suffer with sleep problems. And it appears that insomnia is a problem for a large proportion of the population so anything that can help must be worth a try. This list of seven plants for the bedroom are contained in an article by Emma Smizer which I found on the Shareably website.

If you?ve been having trouble sleeping lately, you might actually be suffering some a mild form of insomnia. Turns out, insomnia is an incredibly common disorder. According to the American Sleep Association, 1 in 3 adults suffer from chronic insomnia. Also, more than 40 million people in the United States are insomniacs, not counting the additional 20 million people who experience occasional sleeping problems.

With so many people having problems with sleeping, we?ve come up with a list of the best plants that can help you get a few more Z?s every night. Let?s jump right in.

Source: squarespace.com

1. California Poppy

If you?re a tea-lover, you might want to try having a cup of California poppy tea before bed. For years, the California poppy tincture has been used in small amounts to promote better sleep. If you also suffer from any aches and pains, this might be the remedy for you.

Source: wikimedia.org

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