7 Amazing Ideas For DIY Garden Decor

These are seven great ideas for ways to transform old household items that are no longer used into interesting forms of garden decor. The unusual items include such things as a broken laundry basket, an old cutlery set and a ceiling fan blade. These seven unusual upcycled garden decorations are described in an article which I found on the Gardening Channel.

Decorating a garden can take your space to the next level?from lush, but plain, backyard?paradise to an extension of your home, with all the personalized style that comes with interior?design. But these exterior design projects won?t break the bank: They use up-cycled secondhand?furniture and other home goods to create each fun and fulfilling project.

Silverware Wind Chime

wind chimes made from vintage silverware http://www.songbirdblog.com
After years of misplaced spoons and bent forks, you may find yourself in the market for a new?cutlery set. But what should you do with the old set? With some common tools and a little elbow?grease, you can create a whimsical wind chime. ?Drill a hole in the end of each utensil using an iron drill bit. Bend?the prongs of a fork to 90-degree angles?half to one side, half to the other. Curl the end of the?prongs up; this end is the piece from which the other utensils will hang. Hang the rest of the?utensils with metal or fishing wire. Add beads, or hang the cutlery from a serving platter for extra?personality.

Solar Lamp Posts

Grandma?s brass lamps may not go well with the living room decor, but don?t give them away?just yet. Remove the electrical components, give the posts a coat of spray paint, and glue?outdoor solar lights on top. Now you have stylish solar lamp posts.

Laundry Basket Planter

A broken laundry basket is easily transformed into a stylish planter with a little hot glue, burlap, and rope. Close the holes in the basket by gluing burlap to both sides. Then, cover the rest of the basket in burlap, gluing it down as you go. Next, cover the edges and handles with burlap. Tie the rope around the basket, covering the seam, glue it down, and tie a bow or knot in front.
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