6 Ways To Save Money On Lawn Fertilizer

To keep it looking its best a lawn needs some encouragement in the form of fertilizer which has to be applied every year. For most people this will involve the purchase of a chemical fertilizer from the garden center, but there is another way. There are a number of common household items that can act as substitutes for the commercial product and this article which I found on the Gardening Know How website describes six of these that you can use to save money.

Fertilizing your lawn can cost a bundle if you rely on store-bought, chemical fertilizers. These sprays and crystals nearly always work, but you risk blowing your budget. Luckily, homeowners have at their disposal a plethora of cheap, household items that work as fertilizers. You could also use many of these things in your garden if your plants need a boost! Let?s take a look at some of your choices and how to use them.
Epsom Salt
While Epsom salt is great for soaking your feet, it is one of the best natural lawn fertilizers available. It is made of magnesium and sulfur, both of which aid the growth of grass. You can add Epsom salt when you sow new grass seed to help start the germination process.

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If your lawn is lacking the beautiful, lush green color you desire, magnesium helps the production of chlorophyll. Sulfur also aids the process of creating chlorophyll, but it enhances other fertilizers like nitrogen and potassium. When applying it to your lawn, you can either sprinkle the crystals across your lawn or create your own liquid spray with water.
Coffee Grounds
You don?t need expensive fertilizer to stimulate healthy grass growth. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen and phosphorous. These essential minerals are slowly released, allowing your grass to absorb them over a longer period of time.

Coffee grounds are also loved by worms. Earthworms eat the grounds and return the minerals into the soil through their castings. The cycle created by the worms stimulate lawn growth. Since most people need a cup of coffee to get moving in the morning, coffee grounds are easy to come by. The application is simple; just spread the grounds across the lawn and rake it around.

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