Fashions change and just as the clothes we wear change as the years go by so do the flowers we plant in our gardens. Maybe you are not a fan of the aspidistra so beloved of the Victorians, but there are some flowers which were cherished by earlier generations which are worthy of revival. I came across this article by Pam from her House of Hawthornes website which describes six vintage flowers which she believes are due for a come back.

My grandma died when I was about 7 (way to kick it off with a downer there, Pam), so there?s not a whole lot that I remember about her. But I do remember her love of flowers. She was an avid gardener.
Her backyard was full of flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. But not the impatiens and wave petunias everyone and their brother grows today. They grew different flowers back then.
Here is a list of some flowers that are considered (by me) to be old fashioned. Or vintage. Or classic. Whatever, you want to call them, I think they?re about due for their time to come back round again.
The flowers smell like grape Popsicles. Some say they smell like cherry pie and some say they smell like vanilla. I think they are nuts. Clearly grape Popsicle. Clearly.
Although I love the bushiness of this plant and the beautiful purple flower clusters, there is some thought that it may be toxic to dogs if ingested, so please keep that in mind if you have a plant eater in your midst.

Marine Heliotrope and other flowers that you might have found in your grandma's flower garden
Marine Heliotrope (Heliotrope arborescens)
part sun (4-6 hours direct)
grows to 10-14? tall

Gorgeous spider like flower blooms that grow on super sturdy long stems. Now, the bottom half of the plant is nothing to write home about, so it?s best to plant them to the backs of your flower beds with lower growing plants in front of them to cover some of that blandness.
These can easily be grown from seed too. So if you can get rid of your arachnophobia, this is a great plant.

Clio Magenta Cleome Spiderflower and other flowers that you might have found in your grandma's flower garden
Clio Magenta Spiderflower (Cleome ?Clio Magenta?)
full sun
grows to 24-30? tall

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