6 Strange Fruit And Vegetables

6 Strange Fruit And Vegetables

Maybe a giant pumpkin is not so unusual but this one truly is a whopper. Then there are purple potatoes which are really weird although they are apparently delicious. Another oddity you will discover is a square watermelon which definitely is not natural although practical for packing. These and more are illustrated in an article by Tanya Anderson which I found on her Lovely Greens website.

Weird and wonderful produce

Unusual colors, weird scents, bizarre shapes, and gigantic sizes
The fruit and vegetable varieties you see in the supermarket are just the tip of the iceberg. What most people don?t see are the thousands of others that never make it commercially or just aren?t grown in the West. Other edibles are made incredible by just the way they?re grown. Here is a list of weird and wonderful produce that will blow your mind, beginning with one that I grow myself.

6 Weird Fruit & Vegetables that will Blow your Mind

Mashed potatoes made from purple potatoes

1. Purple Potatoes

Hundreds of different types of potatoes are out there but only a handful available to the average shopper or home grower. One of the more unusual varieties that you can grow is the Purple Majesty potato and it?s purple both inside and out.

6 Weird Fruit & Vegetables that will Blow your Mind

I grow and can recommend these Purple Majesty potatoes

It?s clearly a very unique color when served up for a meal and we had it as mashed potatoes for the first time last week. Once you get over the purple, the mash is some of the most delicious I?ve had.

6 Weird Fruit & Vegetables that will Blow your Mind

Photo of a square watermelon by rumpleteaser on Flickr

2. Square Watermelons

Don?t be fooled ? this isn?t a bizarre type of square watermelon. It?s an ordinary variety grown inside a square container! While the growing technique might be a bit high maintenance, the fruit stack together nicely when they need to be transported.

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Feature photo by Zhao ! on Flickr

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