6 Reasons Why You Should Grow Mint

And I should emphasize the one reason why you should think twice before you decide where to plant mint in the garden. The six reasons set out in the article below explain why mint is both good for the garden and a useful herb in the kitchen. If you have not grown mint before just be aware that it is a plant that spreads and so is best planted in a bucket with the bottom removed to contain it. I came across these six reasons why on the Bless My Weeds website.

There is nothing like the fresh scent of mint. The foliage not only smells fantastic, but it also looks great in your garden or in pots on your porch or deck. If you love the smell and flavor of fresh mint, that should be reason alone to grow it. But here are several more reasons why?mint should be part of your gardening plans.
1. It?s Great for Rocky Gardens
If you have a rocky spot or an herb garden where you can contain it, mint should do fantastic there. It will eventually spread, but it doesn?t do it quickly; so with some care you should be able to keep it in check. Still, it?s a good idea to put it in a spot where you don?t mind the spreading, or an area that gets neglected and needs some green. You could even make it a rule to harvest any off-shoots you don?t want in the ground.

2. It?s Great for Raised Beds
Mint doesn?t send its shoots very deep, so if you put it in a raised bed herb garden, you don?t need to worry too much about its tendency to spread. Plant it with other strong perennials like oregano, sage, thyme, and rosemary, as they should be able to tolerate it?s aggressiveness ? especially if they?re well established.

3. It?s a Shady Character
If you?ve got a shady area where most plants don?t don?t feel at home, try planting some mint there. It does great in full sun, but will also tolerate shade.

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