6 Reasons Not To Rake Your Leaves

Apparently scientists advise that you should not rake your leaves and this is based on the fact that the fallen leaves are a natural wildlife habitat. This will encourage the population of beneficial insects in the garden. Of course there are places where it is not a good idea to leave the leaves such as the lawn. The information comes from an article which I found on the Gardening Channel.

Unless you?re raking a pile of leaves to jump in, it isn?t much fun. And, a large yard with a lot of trees means all day raking. So, if you?re not looking for free mulch or to compost leaves, scientists suggest leaving them alone to benefit wildlife and the garden. Yes, let the leaves be.

Benefits Of Not Raking Leaves

1. Wildlife Habitat of Leaf Litter

The National Wildlife Federation states: ?The leaf layer is its own mini ecosystem!?
Reasons not to rake leaves
The leaves are a natural habitat for butterflies, salamanders, chipmunks, box turtles, toads, shrews, earthworms and others. They lay eggs in the leaves and feed on and under the leaf layer. By raking or blowing leaves, you disrupt their life cycle and eliminate beneficial insects.

2. Increase Beneficial Insects

By providing a habitat, you increase the population of beneficial insects for gardening season. When leaves are removed from the yard, automatically you?re decreasing beneficial insects that are your friends come growing season.

3. Increase Soil Health

Add leaves as a mulch to decompose or till into the soil to add organic matter and nutrients. Organic matter in soils will help regulate soil moisture. Also, earthworms love soil with decomposed leaves. In fact, if you?re looking for earthworms, scrape back to the bottom layer of leaves and you?ll be amazed.

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