6 Plants To Boost End-of-Season Tired Borders

What are colloquially known as the dog days of summer are upon us and fall is fast approaching. Those flower borders that were a riot of color all through the summer are now starting to fade and look a little tired. So what can you do to to to give your borders a boost for the cross over from summer to fall? I came across an article by Lauren Dunec Hoang on the Houzz website which has the answer.

Imagine the impact of a pot of brightly blooming flowers set on your doorstep. The eye is immediately drawn to the color, skimming over other areas of the porch, perhaps not noticing details like peeling paint or steps in need of a sweep. In the same way, adding just one colorful perennial or a shimmering ornamental grass can rejuvenate a worn-out late-summer garden bed.
In need of an end-of-season boost? Take a look at how planting a single fall favorite, such as gold-petaled black-eyed Susan or purple fountain grass, can gracefully transition beds from summer to fall.
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Feature photo: Le Jardinet