6 Evergreen Trees and Shrubs for Winter

When the leaves have fallen and the garden is looking gloomy and bare a few evergreens will make all the difference to the scene. The evergreens on this list will keep their leaves and even provide some color from flowers and berries in the winter months. These six evergreen perennials are described in an article which I found on the Bees and Roses website.

Who doesn?t love a hearty dose of Evergreen ANYTHING come the holiday season? Evergreen plants are usually cold hardy, and low maintenance. Which makes them seriously perfect for winter gardening! Add one (or a few!) of these Evergreen perennials to your yard for lasting color even when it gets cold.
Lush green leaves, and bright red flowers make this variety of evergreen perfect for the holidays. The red flowers usually sprout up around late winter!
This evergreen plant is perfect for you if you live in an area of mild winters. This plant blooms in late Summer, but if conditions are correct, it?ll last through December.
A snow covered Juniper tree is EXACTLY the image I think of when dreaming of Christmas. Juniper trees are known for their lasting year-round color, and they are extremely cold hardy!

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