6 Essential Gardening Chores For October

6 Essential Gardening Chores For October

Here are the six tasks you need to complete before the end of the month after which you it is just a case of “putting garden tools away and getting out your snow shovels”. Naturally temperature and conditions in October will depend on your location, but the tips in this article are based on Zone 5. These six tasks are described by Nan Fischer and come from Nature’s Path website.

Let the raking begin! Or not. After a beautiful display of fall colors, those pretty leaves will be all over the ground. There are two schools of thought on dealing with fall leaves, but we’ll talk more about that at the end of this post. Let’s tackle these other chores first to?ready your yard and gardens for spring.
1. Continue Harvesting

Continue to harvest what has not been hit by frost. Cover tender plants at night, and uncover them on nice days. You should be able to get greens and lettuce for at least another month!
2. Remove & Discard?Dead Plants
Remove dead plants and compost them, unless they have been attacked by disease or bug infestations. Add compost or a cover crop to those bare areas.
As you clean up flowerbeds, leave some seed heads for birds to snack on. Dried flowers also add visual interest to the winter landscape.
3. Hang Bird Feeders

Hang feeders for birds in migration and those coming for winter. Use different types of feeders and food to attract a wide variety of birds. Supply water for drinking and bathing. Get some binoculars and a good identification book for winter entertainment and education!

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