6 Easy Native Spring Plants For Shady Spots

In early spring there are six Eastern wildflowers that put on a great display. The flowers are blue, yellow, red and white set against their bright green leaves. These native wildflowers are described in an article by Margaret Roach which I found on her A Way To Garden website.

MY GARDEN, LIKE MOST (and like the assortment at the garden center), is a jumble of non-native and native plants. But at the moment of early spring, a half-dozen Eastern wildflowers take my breath away. In a slideshow, six easy, captivating natives for the woodland or shade garden.

Large-flowered bellwort, Uvularia grandiflora (top photo): As many years as I have known, and grown, this yellow-flowered gem, I don?t think I have ever failed to be startled by its intricate construction. I call it merry bells, but who knows if that?s the common name of this species or one of its cousins. The sight of these blooms makes me happy, so the name seems apt.

Virginia bluebells, Mertensia virginica: Invite a few bluebells into your garden and you will soon have more.

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