While the front garden shows off the public face of a property the backyard is a private place where you can do what you like to please yourself. This huge compendium of ideas is intended to inspire people who are not sure where to start and will also provide food for thought for the more experienced gardener. These fifty ideas are described in an article by David Beaulieu which I found on the About.com website.

Are you looking for backyard ideas to inspire you in your home improvement projects in the yard? The landscaping information and pictures offered here will give novices direction and should provide food for thought even for more seasoned DIY enthusiasts.

Is Your Backyard Bringing You Joy?

Your backyard should be bringing a smile to your face. Photo Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images
For many homeowners, backyard landscaping and front-yard landscaping serve?distinctly different functions. The front yard is your display area, the stage open to public view where you can show the world that you have your landscaping “act” together.

By contrast, the backyard is not about impressing anybody. Rather, it?is all about livability.

What “livability” means, precisely, will depend on your own particular personality and lifestyle.?The less sociable you are, the more emphasis you will put on turning the backyard into a relaxing sanctuary, a place where you are more interested?in attracting butterflies?than people. If, on the other hand, you are something of a social butterfly, you may wish to turn your backyard into the ultimate party zone. It’s really up to you.
Whichever way you find your joy, your backyard should be accommodating you in this pursuit. If it’s not, then you need to change it. Browsing the 50 backyard ideas in this article is a good place to begin.

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