5 Ways To Make Your Garden More Friendly To Bees

5 Ways To Make Your Garden More Friendly To Bees

Bees perform such an essential function in pollinating our fruit and flowers that it is in our own interest to do all we can to encourage them. Apart from anything else our gardens would not be the same without that humming and buzzing sound that accompanies their progress from flower to flower. These five tips come from an article by Kath LaLiberte which I came across on the Longfield Gardens website.

Many years ago, I had a neighbor who was a beekeeper. We used to?joke about him giving me a?discount on honey, because I was sure his bees spent most of their time in my flower garden. I didn?t know how true that was until he moved away?and the bees went with him!
Now some new neighbors have moved in down the road, and lucky for us, one of them is a beekeeper. In?no time at all, my garden was once again honeybee central. Now it?is?positively buzzing with bees, from the?first snowdrops in March to the last asters in November. If there?s a flower in bloom, you can be sure there?s a bee in it.
With all these bees around, I am determined?to make?my flower garden as bee-friendly as possible. For suggestions, I turned to the?Pollinator Partnership, the world?s largest pollinator protection organization. Based on their suggestions (and a little of my own experience) here are?five ways home gardeners can help?keep local bees happy and healthy:


Add more single, daisy-like flowers to your garden
Flowers with flat centers?offer bees?more nectar and pollen than double flowers that have many layers of petals. This year I am adding Shasta daisies, more rudbeckia and more mums. I am also?planting more single flowered dahlias?such as H.S. Date and H.S. Flame.

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