A small garden will always remain small, but there are ways that you can make it appear larger than it really is. Creative ways of using colors, levels and walkways are just three of the ideas that you can incorporate into your small garden. Pick up some tips from Alex Kuchel whose article I came across on the Balcony Garden Web site.

If you have a yard or garden that is small and there is a problem of lack of space, must see our 5 garden design ideas that can make a small garden look amazing and bigger.

Even though you may long for a courtyard garden like the ones in magazines or on Pinterest, it can be quite daunting to actually design it, especially if you don?t know where to start.
Luckily there are many resources online to help you turn that neglected small yard into a beautifully designed courtyard garden.
Here are our five garden design ideas to get you started planning your dream courtyard.

1. Use Colours and Repetition to Add Depth

When choosing colours, you want to pick ones that will add depth to the garden. You want to choose cool colours like blues and purples for the border because they blend into each other and create an illusion of a bigger space. Pick warm colours like orange, red and yellow to highlight the space.
Blue and yellow flowers
Repeating certain colours will also tie the space together and have an impact on your yard. When choosing plants for a garden, make sure you choose ones that will fulfil their purpose in your space.
Yes, choose plants based on aesthetics. But consider what else?space needs. Will you have time to look after high maintenance plants? Do you need shade? Make sure to get something that will have a lot of foliage.

2. Use Levels to Create Cosy Alcoves

You may be thinking, I want my yard to look bigger, not smaller! There are plenty of ways to make a small yard or garden look bigger (some of them listed here) but this should not be your only goal when designing your small garden.
Think about the purposes you want your small yard to fulfil. Do you want the space to be comfortable as well as being full of greenery and colour? Creating terraced areas will allow you to have the best of both worlds.
You can use raised garden beds as individual spaces to take advantage of vertical space and bring your garden closer to eye level (more on that later). Spiral garden beds made using bricks are a functional and efficient way to utilise space.
Raised garden bed

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