5 Ways To Create A Low-Water Garden

5 Ways To Create A Low-Water Garden

When water is in short supply the garden has to adapt and incorporate landscaping that does not rely on so much of this precious commodity. But that does not mean that you can no longer have an attractive garden, but rather changes have to be made. For instance the lawn consumes large quantities of water and so is a good place to start. These 5 drought-tolerant landscaping ideas come from an article by Cynthia Bowman which I found on the Freshome website.

OK, so California isn?t the only state going through a water shortage.?At least 30 states in the U.S. currently have?some level of drought, ranging from ?abnormally dry? conditions in?Florida and Massachusetts to the ?exceptional drought? currently happening in?California and Nevada.
If you live in more one of more than half of the states on the list, water conservation is probably a high priority for?you, but honestly, conserving water doesn?t mean you have to?live with a dry?and neglected garden. And it?s not the only reason to swap your water-loving lawn for a more drought-tolerant landscape.?Today?s low-water gardens aren?t just smart and in vogue; they?re downright gorgeous.
These 5?drought-tolerant landscaping ideas look so fresh and modern that they?re?an inspiration???even if water conservation isn?t your first goal.

1. Replace your grass with artificial grass.


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Grass is the largest water waster in the?yard and it?s the most high maintenance item. On top of the watering?there?s the mowing, mulching, aerating, fertilizing and re-seeding or re-sodding. Artificial grass doesn?t have to look like a neon green professional football field, either. There are a lot of realistic artificial grass options with varying amounts of multi-colored?hatch.

2. Replace your grass with gravel and stone.

Artificial grass looks more like the real deal than ever before, but a gravel, stone and paver garden gives the?garden a?contemporary, minimalist look. It?s still low maintenance (and requires zero water) and is a great counterpoint to succulents and a fire pit.

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