Many gardeners regard the winter as a time of cold and snow when it is preferable to stay indoors in front of the fire rather than venture outside. But looked at from the other direction it is what does your garden want from you. Carol from May Dreams Gardens has five suggestions which will keep you busy if you take her advice.

Winter-time and what’s a gardener to do?
Well, there’s a lot a gardener can do, as it turns out.
Here are five things your garden wants you to do this winter.
Visit it. ?Yes, go out into the garden, even if it is under snow, and see what’s going on. ?Take some paper and a pencil with you and make some notes. What needs to be cut back? Where are the winter weeds taking hold? ?Are there broken branches you should at least cut back enough so they don’t cause more damage?
Get estimates. ?If there are big changes to make in the garden or the garden just seems to need more than you are able to give it, call now for estimates and to get on someone’s schedule so when spring arrives, and you know it will, you’ll be first on their list.
Order seeds. ?Depending on where you live, you may be just a few weeks away from starting seeds indoors for some types of vegetables, especially tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. ?I won’t start any seeds here until early-mid March but I should be ordering seeds now.

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Image source: Paul Sturgess