5 Reasons Why The Best Time To Plant Is Fall

While some flowers can be planted in either spring or fall, there are others for which fall is the only option if you want to enjoy blooms in the following spring. These include daffodils and tulips which grow from bulbs that need several months of cold temperatures before they will produce blooms. The number one reason for fall planting is to get a jump-start on spring growth as Amanda explains in her article which I found on the American Meadows website.

Although spring is often thought of as the best time to plant, adding perennials, bulbs, wildflowers and shrubs to the garden in the fall gives plants a head start for their first season. We?ve put together our top five reasons why we love fall planting.

1. Get a jump-start on spring growth.

Planting perennials and wildflowers in the fall gives them a head start on growth the following spring. Root systems will start to grow once the ground thaws, long before the soil can be worked by human hands and any new plants can be put in. This early start means wildflowers that bloom earlier and first-season perennials that can actually show their flowers!

2. The cool weather.

If the hot, sweaty weather isn?t for you, try gardening in the fall! The crisp, cool air makes for an enjoyable, leisurely experience working in the garden.

3. Crucial support for pollinators.

With earlier blooms comes earlier nectar sources for pollinators, who struggle to find food at the extreme ends of the gardening season. Anytime that you can provide early-spring (and autumn) food supplies for birds, bees, and butterflies, you’ll be doing your part to protect the human food supply as well, as we rely on pollinators to put food on our own dinner tables!

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