5 Reasons Why Growing Succulents Is The Answer

Apart from the fact that these plants are attractive in their own right, one of the best reasons for growing succulents is that they are low maintenance. While annual and perennial flowers need constant deadheading, watering and fertilizing, succulents can mostly be allowed to look after themselves. To learn the other reasons why succulents are the answer read this article by Noelle Johnson which I found on the Houzz website.

Succulents have it all ? delightful shapes, a variety of colors and a range of sizes ? so it?s no surprise that they are a favorite choice for landscape designers. Succulents do more than add beauty to outdoor spaces. They can also be effective problem solvers, replacing a water-intensive lawn with a more drought-tolerant landscape, filling narrow planting areas, creating low-maintenance container plantings, and much more.
Feature photo: Farallon Gardens