49 Amazing Garden Design Ideas

There are two ways you can approach these landscaping ideas. You could just flick through them and enjoy the pictures or you could take more time to study the ideas and gain inspiration for features that you can incorporate into your own garden. Either way we should be grateful to Candace Osmond who has compiled this collection of ideas which I came across on the Backyard Bosss website.

When it comes to landscaping designs, there are so many great ideas out there to choose from. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind before starting a landscaping project is the size of the area you plan on landscaping.
Keep reading for lots of cool ideas, strategies and layout ideas so you can start planning your own!
If that classic English garden is your goal, this is a great strategy plan! The blooming terrace entryway and the wonderful blooms along the dirt path are classically country. England is known for their luxurious gardens since they have the perfect climate for some of the most gorgeous plants known to man, but if you want to create the same, lush landscape, try finding native plants in your area that are sure to thrive and blossom no matter the climate.

2. Hillside Garden

Imagine walking down a winding path through this oasis in the early morning? Hillsides should always have blooming gardens on them, I feel. If you have a bald hillside or a domed area you?re not sure what to do with, you could easily create your customized hillside garden by planting trees and bushes straight into the ground or by utilizing raised garden beds. Whichever method you plan to use, organization is the key. You don?t want a messy plot, after all.

3. Lush Foliage

This colorful, lush yard is the perfect setup for the spring time. Unfortunately, seeds don?t sprout into gorgeous blooms overnight, but if you plan ahead and scale out a design you could easily achieve this beautiful look by the time spring has sprung again. The wavy garden beds can be kept clean by runners or seed paths that help you determine which way you?d like your plants to sit. Leaving a grass path, as depicted in this photo, can add some canvas color to the scene.

4. Garden Stones

Give your yard a clean look by incorporating a path of stones. This makes the perfect walking path for guests to easily view all your colorful plants without harming grass or getting mud on their shoes. It?s both beneficial to your guests, to your plants and to you for when you need to do some backyard watering. You can choose any style of brick to create a path and if you?d like to leave space in between stones, you can either fill the gaps with filler rock or pebbles, or just leave a wider space in between stones to resemble a large stone footpath.
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