40 Signs That Your Hobby is an Obsession

40 Signs That Your Hobby is an Obsession

As we all know gardening is a hobby, but sometimes it can become more than that and turn into an obsession. How do you know when a harmless hobby has turned into an all consuming passion? Just read through this list of forty signs and see whether you can recognize any in yourself. This revealing list has been compiled by Larry Hodgson and comes from his Laidback Gardener blog.


  1. You tell everyone that soil isn?t dirty ? and you really believe it.
  2. Whether you?re at the grocery store, the hardware store, a flea market or even on the beach or in a forest, you always find products or items you can use in your garden.
  3. You spend more on gardening than on clothes.
  4. You read a plant or seed catalog like other people read a novel.
  5. You always have dirt under your fingernails that nothing can make disappear.
  6. You better understand Latin names than the language of your teenagers.
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    Your compost pile is your pride and joy. Source:?www.harvestgardener.com

  7. You proudly show your compost pile to visitors.
  8. You have a visceral hatred for slugs that nothing can satisfy.
  9. There are always pruning shears, a shovel and plastic bags in the trunk of your car ? just in case.
  10. When traveling, public gardens attract you more than museums and churches.

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