4 Ways To Create Focal Points In The Garden

Winter is the ideal time for making plans since it is usually too cold to work outdoors. If you are planning a new garden or re-designing an existing one you should consider creating one or more focal points to draw the eye. This article by Lynne Cherot which I found on the Sensible Gardening website describes the four materials you can use and shows how they should be placed.

Often the only difference between a nice garden and a great garden is the simple use and addition of garden focal points. Something that draws our eyes in, grabs our attention or perhaps even surprises us.
Focal points can be developed in several different ways. You can use plant material, natural pieces from nature, man made garden art objects and garden structures. All are very effective and can be adapted?to reflect your garden style and even your own personality.
Plant Material
You can create that wow factor by either positioning a well selected specimen shrub or tree. Choose your specimens for great architectural form, flower power or leaf color. In the photos below a Japanese Maple of gorgeous color leaps into your view from the neutral fence. The white flowering Viburnum?has wonderful form as well as great blooming ability.
Focal Points in your garden with Sensible Gardening
Focal Points in your Garden with Sensible Gardening
Mass planting a showy plant in one area will also draw the eyes in, much more effective than scattered plantings of many different varieties.
Focal Points in your Garden with Sensible Gardening
Another trick is to repeat a specimen plant, such as an ornamental grass. In this photo a stunning privacy hedge has been created.
Focal Points in your Garden with Sensible Gardening

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