33 Ways To Create A Japanese Garden Landscape

This is essentially a gallery of photographs of Japanese gardens showing the various elements that create this particular style. You will see how rocks and water feature in many of the designs as well as stone ornaments. There is more than enough here to suggest ways that you can copy to give your garden an oriental look. This gallery has been compiled by Danielle McLeod and comes from the Backyard Boss website.

You may have always admired the simplicity of a Japanese Garden landscape design, and wondered how such clean lines and sparse vegetation exudes such elegance and complexity to the visitor of such a space. Japanese landscaping focuses on the gardeners relationship with the design, as well as what personal relationship each visitor has with the garden itself. It?s supposed to bring a sense of harmony and balance to you as you enjoy your time within it.

Reflecting ponds are popular landscaping choices to provide both depth and a place for quiet solitude and reflection. The sound and scent of water also attracts wildlife, which provides a balance to the harmony Japanese inspired gardens are supposed to influence.

2. Still Waters

Reflecting pools are a popular addition to many garden landscape designs due to how they showcase the surrounding landscape. Pools are also an excellent place to raise decorative Koi for an additional garden interest.

3. Fairyland

Japanese gardens are also popular for their bonsai, or art of growing and creating miniature trees and other vegetation. These look great amongst statuary and other plants of different textures and height.

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