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33 Amazing Tree House Designs To Envy

33 Amazing Tree House Designs To Envy

There is something romantic about a tree house. Even if it is just a rough platform lodged in the branches of a tree you can climb up and escape into a world of your own. The tree houses illustrated below are more for grown kids and in some cases there is little evidence of a tree. This gallery has been compiled by Cynthia Bowman and comes from the Freshome website.

You?ll feel a little tree house envy when you see this round up of the best (and wildest)?modern?tree house ideas around. And if you?ve got tree house plans in the works already, take a look at some of these incredible designs first. Enjoy!

1. Mirrored Black Box Tree House

Image: Baumraum

2. Oasis in a?National Park

3. Tokyo Suburb Tea House Among the Cherry Trees

Image: Shuya Sato

4. Philly Backyard Contemporary Tree House Ideas

5. Large Mid-Century Los Angeles Tree House and Workspace

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