32 Ideas for Flowers That Go Well Together

Gardening has been described as an art and that certainly applies to the skill of knowing what plants to grow together to provide a harmonious scene. One way to ensure that flower shades either match or complement each other is to use a color wheel. Then there is also the question of shape and how these go together. For some suggestions take a look at these plant combinations which I found on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

What plants go together? Pairing plants by color, season of bloom, and shape can sometimes be confusing. So, here’s a list of some of our favorite combinations with tips on how to put them to good use in your landscape.

Spring flowers

Add Early Spring Color

Get an early start on spring with a generous helping of bulbs that pop into bloom just as winter starts to fade. Here, the cheerful yellow flowers of ‘Little Gem’ narcissus combine beautifully with blue Chionodoxa. Plant both in the fall for spring flowers.
Fritillaria persica in a bed of red tulips

Try Something Different

Just because you might not have heard of a plant before doesn’t necessarily mean it’s hard to grow. Take Fritillaria for example. This gorgeous spring-flowering bulb isn’t that well known, but it comes in a variety of sizes and colors and makes a great companion for other tulips and daffodils. Here, Fritillaria persica, or Persian lily, adds extra interest to a bed of red tulips.
Pick a Palette

Mix Herbs and Flowers

Create a colorful and fragrant spring garden by mixing flowering herbs and perennials that bloom together in May and June. In this border, chives and lavender bloom in front of Amsonia, bearded iris, and peony.

Use Roses Generously

Roses, particularly shrub and landscape varieties, blend well with annuals or perennials from spring to fall. In this garden, a bright pink shrub rose is a good partner to iris.

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