When winter has stripped your garden back to its bare bones you have two choices. Either you can forget about the garden until spring or you could make some changes to add interest to the landscape for the winter. I found an article by garden author Marianne Binetti who suggests three areas which you can look at to lift the gloom.

Wintertime, like an x-ray of the landscape, reveals a garden’s basic structure. To add more interest to the cold-weather garden, consider these key elements:

Focal Points

Focal points include sculpture, garden structures, boulders or containers. They can create dramatic or subtle, year-round interest within the landscape. Garden features such as ponds, arbors or a lone container become the center of attention when placed in contrast with their surroundings.

Color and Structure

For a splash of winter color, consider going evergreen. Evergreens can bring color to the landscape when the mercury is bottoming out. Even the color brown can make its own bold statement. A bare deciduous tree against a curtain of green brings structure and style to almost any planting.

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Image source: bobistraveling