The Calendula is one flower that can truly be described as not just a pretty face. It is indeed a most attractive plant, but it also has medicinal and edible uses. The flowers can be used as ingredients for an ointment to treat skin sores. The petals can also be added to salads to give extra color and flavor. The calendula is also used in companion planting when they act as a distraction to draw bugs away from vegetables grown alongside. This is just some of the information I discovered in an article by Devani Alderson which I found on the Gardens All website.

When spring is around the corner? it?s time for calendula! For many of us in warmer zones, this means it?s time to get back in the dirt to prepare the early spring crops, flowers, and plants. WOOHOO!?🌞
One vibrant, medicinal,?and edible addition that you?ll want to get a head start on growing, is the calendula flower. ?Calendula, also called ?pot marigold?, is a low maintenance?plant that enjoys mildly warm weather. According to Gardening Know How: ??this plant can bloom from spring through fall and beyond. In warmer areas, the calendula may take a break from blooming during summer heat and then put on a show as temperatures fall in autumn.?1)
Calendula is a commonly used as a topical gel or cream for skin?rashes, diaper rash, skin sores, muscle soreness, acne, and a slew of other conditions.
WebMD published a blurb on how?early research points to Calendula ointment being applied to skin after radiation therapy helps reduce skin inflammation. Now that?s powerful? and promising!2)
Extensive research is still being done to find more conclusive evidence of Calendula and it?s positive effects in helping to treat cancer. But, we always recommend using caution when using Calendula or any other plant to treat ailments.

photographed with Carl Zeiss
photo by Carl Zeiss

But wait? there?s more! 😉 ?Calendula?is not just a topical medicine. When drunk in tea form, it aids digestive problems, stomach aches, menstrual cramps, and urinary track problems.3)
Clearly, this flower has earned a prominent spot in the garden! Ready to learn about how to grow it? We have?some great advice on page 2.

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