26 Ways To Save Money On Plants

We all know the feeling that comes over us when we enter a garden center and are dazzled by all those must-have plants and so-called essential gadgets. Before we know it we have bought far more than we intended or need or even have room for. So here are 26 tips on how to avoid this problem arranged in alphabetical order starting with AVOID IMPULSE BUYS. I came across these tips in an article by Danielle McLeod which I found on the Backyard Boss website.

Even though it?s still winter, you are probably already dreaming of landscape greenery and fresh vegetables from the garden. I know I am even though I last harvested my garden in late November for Thanksgiving goodies! But alas, the winter freezes have set in for the duration of the winter, and I?m already looking forward to the next growing season.
So I?m here to tell you today: Dream away! Winter is the time to start organizing your spring gardening and landscape design plans, and nurseries are already offering deep discounts for early planners.
But don?t get too ahead of yourself, costly mistakes are often made when too many plants and the wrong types of plants are ordered, leaving you with depleted funds and empty spaces.
There are a variety of ways you can save on your planting that go beyond timing plant orders just right. In fact, with a little foresight, you can propagate and save all year round with just a little knowledge and insightful planning.

Money Saving Tips: A ? Z

There are so many tips I can list to help keep your plant budget in check, that I decided organizing them in a fun and friendly way to remind yourself of how to best save money on plants, and plant production, all through the year.
And this applies well beyond your outdoor plantings. Indoor houseplants and seasonal tropicals are just as popular to have around, maybe even more so due to their ability to cheer up a room and help freshen your stale winter indoor air!

Avoid Impulse Buys

You know you?ve done this on more than one occasion, No shame, but these purchases don?t often work out as you envisioned while staring at glossy catalog pictures, or standing in nursery aisles surrounded by hundreds of choices. Zoning in on what looks fabulous and unique initially, may not fit well into your overall plan (explained below), or even grow well in your garden.
Even though you may find yourself justifying a purchase that wasn?t originally on your plant shopping list, stop and ask yourself if you REALLY need it, and if it?s going to cost more than just the cost of a plant. Consider this especially if it is a tender plant, or houseplant that probably is not going to need both a pot, and potting soil to even make a home with you.

Buy Used When You Can

Yes, you read that correctly, used. Many plants propagate and can quickly become more than the cute little potted plant that showed up in the evening post from a favorite nursery. Because of this there are many, many online sites selling cuttings. This includes everything from sites specifically set up for this, to popular auction sites. Your local Farmer?s Markets and other local gardening media sites also will often offer up cuttings for free or deeply discounted prices. Don?t see anything local? Start your own conversation concerning it! You may be surprised at what you find!
I have saved A LOT of money by taking in the cast offs from other gardeners through both online and local markets. Bulbs and other hardy perennial varieties (especially herbs) ship well and transplant easily.

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