25 Ways to Use a Wheelbarrow as a Planter

25 Ways to Use a Wheelbarrow as a Planter

Goodness knows who first dreamt up the idea of using an old wheelbarrow as a planter, but it has reached the stage where a garden without one is almost a rarety. And if you don’t have an old wheelbarrow ready for retirement you can find many purpose built models both large and small in your local garden center. This collection of twenty-five wheelbarrow planters is described in an article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Old and retired gardening gear makes for a great addition to the garden itself. For an easily planted, whimsical landscaping idea, you can roll an old wheelbarrow into any open space in the garden, planting it with a beautiful collection of flowers.
wheelbarrow planter 07
Here we have a wheelbarrow stuffed with succulents, leaving?plenty of space for?growth. With the dusty surroundings and rustic, well-used wheelbarrow, this desert setting looks right at home.
wheelbarrow planter 05
Using a brand new, colorful wheelbarrow with a plastic bin, this setup involves a large box planter, plus space around the edges for tools. This idea allows for continued usability for the wheelbarrow, as well as portability for the flowers.
wheelbarrow planter 06
This idea showcases another brand new wheelbarrow in use, with a subtle grey plastic vessel. The flowers are packed in tightly for a seamless look.
wheelbarrow planter 04

Here we see another brightly colored wheelbarrow in use. The yellow paint helps it stand out, holding subtle greenery.

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