25 Design Ideas for a Succulent Garden

Succulents are known to be low maintenance and easy to care for which is a great start. They also have the advantage of being small which means that it is possible to display them in all sorts of interesting ways. I came across this article on the Garden Lovers Club which describes twenty-five indoor and outdoor succulent gardens of all sizes.

Succulents are incredibly easy to take care of, so even if you don?t have the greenest thumb, you can still keep a thriving indoor or outdoor garden filled with these beauties. Succulents come in many different colors or textures, so each garden you plant has the potential to be utterly unique.
These drought-resistant plants can easily be installed both in traditional planters and in vertical wall gardens, without much mess. Just simply mist your succulents (when you can remember) and watch them thrive.
As you peruse this collection of fantastic project ideas, you will begin to notice the kinds of containers these plants can easily fit into. Succulents can fit in anything from old, mismatched china to discarded seashells you pick up on vacation.
So whenever you go out to garage sales, flea markets, or even antique shops, keep an eye peeled for unique, beautiful containers that you can use to create succulent displays both indoors and outdoors.
So get started creating simple but beautiful succulents displays that are as unique as you are!

1. Succulents in Old China

Antique white and red china in mismatched patterns make for perfect complementary containers for a bold primary red table.
Source: A Cultivated Nest

2. Small Outdoor Succulent Garden

Source: Hoosier Homemade

A tiny, well contained succulents garden contained within a cluster of concrete tubes filed with tiny pebbles. Varying the heights of the tubes helps create a more varied

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