25 Design Ideas For An Arch, Arbor Or Trellis

An arbor, an arch, a pergola and a trellis are all structures of varying sizes intended to support climbing plants. Once established and covered in colorful clematis or roses the arbor or arch will often become a focal point in the garden. This collection of twenty-five of these structures is intended both for enjoyment and as an encouragement for you to add one to your own garden. I came across this list in an article which comes from the Garden Lovers Club website.

While strolling through a large garden, you may find yourself pausing at a small bench beneath a roof of vines or flowers before you continue on your way. If it?s a hot day, the shade provided may feel luxurious. You?re standing beneath an arbor, which can be any length (so you may be walking under that arbor for a while). An arbor, or pergola, can be connected to a gazebo, and may have trellises on the sides.
You may also have seen a trellis or arbor set up at a wedding?probably white, and covered in roses. The romance of a trellis or arbor is not something many people can resist. Plants that have been growing over an arbor for a long while can give the illusion that they?re supported by nothing?and that you?re walking through a tunnel into some unknown land.
It?s in these types of gardens that the imagination runs wild, but trellises and arbors aren?t just for large, public gardens. You can get your own, perfectly suited for the size of your yard, or even a small one to lean up against the side of the house.
You may even use a trellis in your vegetable garden. Trellises don?t have to be huge, ornate decorative pieces?they can be as simple as a few sticks holding up a tomato plant, or a plastic cucumber cage.
We?ve scoured the internet in search of some of the best examples of arbors and trellises of all styles?some grand, some modest. We hope you?ll be inspired by this collection!

1. Vegetable Garden

A series of stakes and trellises behind each plant can help the plants grow straight. After the plants get large enough, the wooden trellis can take over and the metal cages can be removed.
Source: Arboretum Nature Notes / WordPress

2. Curved Arbor Over Flagstone Path

A residential arbor with trellis sides beneath a shady tree on the side of the home. A flagstone path through the grass leads through the arbor.?Source: Bachman?s Landscaping

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