When I saw the title “Creating Four Season Containers” I thought that the idea was a planting scheme that would last from spring to winter. In fact the article from the Extension Dept of the University of Illinois contains lists of plants grouped under headings for the four seasons. The best part for me is the link to their blueprints which show 28 different ideas to give you some inspiration.

Containers offer four seasons of pleasure, fun and creativity. Make use of this opportunity to be creative and plan on changing out the plants in your containers frequently during the growing season. Check out Blueprints for Building Containers for additional ideas and photos. Gorgeous containers bursting with colorful arrangements are a focal point and should always look their best.
The amount of time and money you want to spend on your containers will determine how many times each year you want to change the plantings or add additional plants. It may mean completely changing some pots with each season or just changing a few plants in each pot. Or it may mean simply rearranging your containers so that the best looking ones are always front and center, while those containers that are not at their peak are in the background.


A feeling of seasonality can be expressed by changing color schemes or textures. Spring planting schemes can include bulbs, pansies, violas, dianthus, primulas, lobelias, snapdragons and fillers such as ivies and other foliage plants.

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Image source Ofer El-Hashahar