25 Amazing Birdhouses For The Garden

Placing one or more birdhouses in your garden is a great way to attract our feathered friends. We will then be able to enjoy watching their comings and goings and the hatching of the young fledglings. Apart from their practical use birdhouses have developed into a minor art form as the examples shown below demonstrate. The twenty-five birdhouses are described in an article which I found on the Garden Lovers Club website.

Birdhouses are a great addition to any garden or backyard! It doesn?t matter if you don?t have many large trees in your garden, you too can add a beautiful or creative birdhouse to your display.

One of the best parts of a birdhouse is that you can pretty much design them however you like (or however your kids like!) If you?d like a simple wooden birdhouse without any adornment, you can easily make or buy one. If you?d prefer something a little more quirky and cute, like the birdhouses above, you can make a fun summer project out of it!
Or you can get a little more ambitious and creative and build some of the more mammoth varieties of birdhouses we?ve found floating around the internet!
Get ready to see some of the coolest birdhouse ideas you?ve ever seen, and to be inspired to build a few of your own.
Of course, if you?re more of a bird watcher than a DIY superstar, you can also find a few that you can easily purchase online.
We hope you enjoy these fantastic examples of creative and fun birdhouses!

1. ?Tree? Trellis Birdhouse Cluster

Source: Happy City Birds
We start out with an amazing cluster of birdhouses supported by a tree built out of two-by-fours. Like a trellis, this tree climbs up the side of a tall building. The backdrop is painted blue to further the effect.

2. Colorful Bird Shanty

This homemade birdhouse is mounted on a thick stump and has slightly off-center entrances and exits. A small rustic ?fence? is added for character and quirkiness.

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