Of course there’s nothing wrong with the basic flowerpot or any of the multitude of containers and planters that are on sale at the garden center, but there can be something extra special about using a recycled household item to display your plants. You may not like all the objects used in these twenty-four examples, but you must agree that some are quite appealing. The list has been compiled by Lilly and comes from her Listotic website.

I suppose I’ve never been very creative in the garden; whenever I want to plant
something, I always go for a boring old pot! But really, you can make a planter out of just about anything. Why not add a little bit of whimsy and charm to your garden with items you already have around the house? Here are a few of my favorite clever garden container ideas. Get inspired!
1 Shoe Planters
Drill a few holes in the bottom for proper drainage, and you’ve got a charming little container! This works well for plants with small root systems, like succulents or herbs.

1 Black Gold 2 Rosy 3 Gardening Forums

2 Vintage Bicycle Planters
A vintage bike is a whimsical way to show off your pelted plants. Leave it as is, or spray paint it to match your garden’s theme.

24-creative-garden-container-ideas-bicycle-planters-2Top: flickr Bottom: Wave Avenue

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