She describes these 24 tips as simple yet brilliant and I have to agree. These tips are the brainchild of the self styled Empress of Dirt. She has gathered a number of common objects that you have around the house and shows how they can be used in the garden. See how she uses dishwashing gloves, key rings and binder clips and that’s just three of her 24 tips. Old boots, hair clips and sandwich bags are three more of the items that have more than one use. See her tips here.

Got a garden problem? The solution may be in your house.

I’ve gathered some favorite tips and tricks for using household items in the garden. All of the ideas are frugal. Some of them solve problems, others simply make it easier to get stuff done.
I hope these will give you ideas for your garden. If you’ve got your own tip or idea to share, please let me know in the comments.

1. Dishwashing Gloves

Most garden gloves are not waterproof.
Keep a pair of good quality dishwashing gloves with your garden tools.
I like them for cleaning the pond and washing flower pots.

2. Key Ring

Hole punch your plant tags and keep them handy on a key ring.
Make sure to punch the hole in the image so you don’t remove any helpful information from the tag.

3. Binder Clips

There are so many uses for binder clips (also called bulldog clips) in the garden.
I use them when planting seeds to make sure the packets stay shut so the seeds don’t fly away.

4. Date Clips

See how the clip has ‘July C’ on it?
To keep track of harvest dates, I add these date clips to my plant tags noting the estimated date when the crop should be ready to pick.
The beginning of the month is A, the middle is B, and the end is C.

5. Row Cover Clips

That blanket-like thing over the raised bed is a row cover. These protect tender crops from cold weather.
I attach binder clips to each corner and use them to hold the row covers in place.

6. Glove Hangers

Binder clips make good glove hangers.
I have several of them in my garden tool area and hang my gloves to dry after each use.

See more at the original source: Empress of Dirt
Image source: Empress of Dirt


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