Isn’t it amazing what some people use to create items of garden decor? I have seen everything from old tires to chairs. Yes chairs can be converted into planters to give your garden that extra something. I came across an article on the Balcony Garden Web site which starts by demonstrating two ways that you can convert an old chair into an attractive planter and then includes a list of twenty-two examples to give you plenty of ideas to try yourself.

Do you like to have unique and different things in your home and garden? If yes then these chair planter ideas will interest you for sure.

What do you do with an old or simply unnecessary chairs? You will throw them. But wait! You can grow plants in them and here in this article you will 22 creative cool chair planter ideas for your inspiration.

Before you scroll below, first thing first, see how you can make a chair planter.

How to Make a Chair Planter

Method 1:

The simplest method to make a chair planter is to make a hole in the chair to fit a container in it. You can check out a step by step tutorial here.

Method 2:

You can easily make a chair planter and place the pot in place of attached seat by the first method. But much more spectacular look and ?holistic? composition are possible from the use of wire basket.
In this method, you will need to remove the seat of the chair to expose the frame. You don?t need to make a hole in a chair this way. All you need to do is to select the correct size of the basket and insert it in the hole in place of existing seat.

22 Chair Planter Ideas

1. Indoor plants and succulents in chair planter

You can make a beautiful indoor garden or succulent garden?on an old chair and this will amaze your guests. Plant your favorite houseplants or succulents in that and place it in a room near a bright window or on the balcony.


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  1. I have wrought iron chairs in garage from my mom’s set and will plant a big flower pot inside the chair, the seats fell apart years ago and have been trying to figure out what to do with them, cool idea!

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