22 Ways To Be A Lazy Gardener

22 Ways To Be A Lazy Gardener

In fact these are twenty-two tips on ways to save time and energy in completing common gardening tasks so that you can spend more time lazing beside the pool. The tips are divided into five categories covering weeding, watering, digging, more plants with less work and being lazy. I came across these ideas in an article by Tanya Anderson which I found on the Lovely Greens website.

It?s less about being a lazy gardener and more about being smart one

Being a ?Lazy Gardener? means successfully creating?a fuss-free garden that is healthy and productive. You can?achieve this by setting your garden up properly to create?a fertile habitat for crops and?beneficial wildlife while minimizing effort. The below list of 22 time-saving gardening tips will help you on your way to becoming an efficient green thumb.


Probably the number one most dreaded task in the garden. It?s said to do it little and often but what if you don?t have time to weed for 30 minutes every day?
1. Let Nature into your garden by sowing a low-maintenance Wildflower Meadow. It acts as a ground cover and lures beneficial insects into your garden
2. Use black plastic and carpets to organically kill weeds
3. Weed the easy way! 15 Natural Weed Killer recipes?? Holistic Help
4. Reduce weeding by planting in double rows ? Sow and Dipity
5.?Don?t plant in rows at all. Sow your seeds thickly in beds that are wide and long ? Keeper of the Home
6. Use the False Seed Bed technique to eliminate weeds early in the season ? Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada
7. Create low maintenance paths between your garden beds

How to be a Lazy Gardener: 22 Tips to save you time, effort, and money in the garden. Pictured here: put potted plants in a kiddie pool filled with water while you're on vacation.
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