22 Plant Ideas For A Spring Container Garden

While many of my posts about container gardens concentrate on various objects that can be used as planters, this is all about the plants themselves. There are twenty-two plant combinations and while petunias are included most of the ideas use less usual plant combinations. As a result there are some really interesting ideas which will provide inspiration for anyone wanting to try something new. I came across this list of 22 container gardens for spring on the Bless My Weeds website.

Want to grow a beautiful garden, but have very little space? Container gardening might be right up your alley. There are plenty of gorgeous plants and flowers that do great in containers. There?s no reason why you can?t plant several of your own. Plant single flowers or mix different types of foliage to make things more interesting. Here are 22 ideas.
1. Cylamen
This beautiful flower does great in containers. Growing them is easy, and you?ll get beautiful results!

2. Hyacinth and?Lemon Balm
These two plants complement each other perfectly, making a beautiful little container garden. Add some Fittonia if you like, for an even more robust look.

3. Japanese Bird Nest, Ivy, and Begonia
Put these together and you have vibrant green and bright yellow. Whatever container you choose, you?re sure to get compliments.

4. Sedum and Snowball
Vera Jameson sedum looks beautiful with Mexican snowballs and more.?Don?t be afraid to mix succulents with other water-wise container plants. Gorgeous!

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