22 DIY Garden Ideas To Save Money

22 DIY Garden Ideas To Save Money

Gardening is a hobby that we pursue for pleasure and to grow food. While we are happy to pay for plants and equipment, ideas that can save us money in the garden are always welcome. This is a comprehensive list of twenty-two ideas for simple DIY projects to cut down on the goods you need to buy. Some are more practical than others, but there are some really useful ideas which I found on the Balcony Garden Web site.

Cheap, easy and functional DIY garden ideas on a budget that?ll make gardening more wonderful for you.

1. Cheap DIY seed starter soil blocks

Cheap DIY seed starter soil blocks
Inexpensive but useful! Planting seeds in soil blocks can save your baby plants from transplanting shocks. Check out more on this on Vela creations.

2. DIY stepping stones

DIY stepping stones
Make interesting stepping stones in amazing patterns for your garden from pebbles. Read everything you need to know on this here in this tutorial.

3. Cool Plant Labels and Markers

garden marker 2
Both of these garden markers are easy to make, completely free and look so beautiful in the garden. Stone marker will add a colorful touch to your garden while spoon marker will make use of old spoons.

4. Tic-Tac containers to save seeds

Cute idea. Use tic-tac containers for organizing and saving seeds.

See more at Balcony Garden Web
Feature photo: Stone marker and spoon marker

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