21 Ways To Use Gabions In The Garden

While you might expect to see gabions acting as retaining walls on a highway or railtrack you may wonder how they could be used in the garden. In fact gabions are a great, simple, quick way to create a sturdy stone structure without using mortar. All you need is a wire framework and stones to construct many interesting garden features. These twenty-one designs are described in an article which I came across on the Homestead and Survival website.

Gabions are a structure that can be used in numerous?ways. Typically, gabions are made from welded wire or mesh wire that has been?filled with rock or stone. Occasionally, you?ll find gabion construction that has been filled with wood or even whimsical items, but most often some sort of stone is used.
You may be surprised to know that there are lots of ways to use gabions on the homestead instead many traditional structures. Below are samples of some of the most spectacular gabion structors, many of which you may wish to consider adding to your home.
1. Gabion Planter


photo by zillow.com

A gabion planter is a perfect decorative item for the homestead.
2. Gabion Fence


photo by gabionsupply.com

A fence built as a gabion can be used for decoration and?for privacy.
3. Gabion Garden Table


photo by seattletimes.com

A few rocks and a wire cage are all that is needed to build a simple garden table.

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