Growing plants in containers is a great way to create instant color wherever you want it. When the flowers have finished blooming they can either be replaced or you can rearrange your planters so that there are always flowers to enjoy. In fact this article is more concerned with the containers themselves and suggests twenty-one different ideas to inspire you to experiment. I found the article on the Garden Lovers Club website.

We love container gardening! Large, traditional planting beds and gardens need to be plotted with care, since each plant needs the right combination of moisture and sunshine throughout the day. Certain plants need to be cut back in the winter months, while others need to be re-planted each spring.
But container gardens are a whole different story. You can plant nearly anything you desire in a container garden, since ?you can easily move your plant in and out of the sun, control the moisture it receives, and do minimal weeding, since there?s no chance weeds will spread to your potted plants as easily as in planting beds.
Container gardens are perfect for small backyards, patios, and for those who don?t have any backyard to speak of. You can keep an indoor container garden, or simply create one on your window sill or on a balcony.
There are so many creative ways to create your own unique container garden, but we?ve picked a few really stunning examples that you can use to kickstart your creativity!

1. Colorful Ceramic Flower Pots

1. shutterstock_58188709
For a simple, classic look with a bright pop of color, pick sturdy ceramic planters in bold colors. Don?t be afraid to mix and match; the bolder the colors, the more they?ll stand out in your garden. This is a great way to add lots of color to a small patio or deck, in absence of a backyard filled with large swaths of planting beds filled with a wide variety of blooms.

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